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Do we all have the right to be treated in Seine Saint Denis?

This video was produced by the Popular Academy of Health with the support of the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis and by the BNP Paribas Foundation. The rights presented therein concern the entire France.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sexual and reproductive health

You will find videos and audios on sexual and reproductive health.

Sexuality, I respect myself and others.

This video was made by Public Health France with the aim of informing people about their rights regarding their sexuality. At the bottom of the pages you will find various links to other resources.

ANATOMY: To know each other better and the other

Here are anatomical plates to better understand what we are talking about, accompanied by audios.

Reproduction: how to make children?

La Contraception

Contraception can help you choose when to have children, or not to have children.


It may happen that the pregnancy is not desired, in France you have the right to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy.


The condom has the advantage of being both a means of contraception but also a means of protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You can watch the videos on the different types of STIs, for more details.


The First Time


The Need for Privacy

It is not always easy to live in a shared apartment, especially for lack of privacy. It is a subject that is rarely discussed.

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